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Pet Health Articles

Animal Hospital is pleased to provide you with our library of pet medical information. We hope that these articles, covering a wide variety of topics relating to your pet’s health, behavior and care, provide all the information you need. 

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Aging – Cataracts

Aging – Cataracts There are several changes that are associated with the aging process in all mammals. One of these


Anesthesia The need for anesthesia still evokes a strong fear response from most pet owners despite considerable advances in the

Anesthesia-General Information

Anesthesia-General Information Anesthesia comes from the Greek word meaning “lack of sensation”. Anesthesia is accomplished by administering drugs that depress


Antibiotics Antibiotics are widely used in veterinary medicine today. Louis Pasteur is generally credited for the discovery of Penicillin from


Biopsies Your veterinarian has many different types of tests that are at his/her disposal in order to make a diagnosis.

Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion Blood is made up of cells and a liquid. The cellular portion comprises approximately 35-45% of the total


Cavities Do animals get cavities? Yes they do, but not very often in the dog. This is due to the

Cat Scratch Fever

Cat Scratch Fever A bacterium called Rochalimaea henselae has now been identified as the causative organism for a condition in


Feline Constipation Constipation is a relatively common problem in older and overweight cats. The predisposition to a nerve-muscle breakdown in


Cysts The definition of a cyst is a fluid filled sack. The most common type of cyst is the sebaceous