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Pet Health Insurance

Norwalk Animal Hospital believes that all pets need to be covered by pet health insurance. The policy holder pays a monthly premium to the insurance company, which then provides reimbursement to the client for medical and surgical care the pet has received. Unlike human health insurance, the veterinarian is not involved in processing claims; therefore there are no co-pays or concerns if your doctor participates in your plan. Insurance is “accepted” everywhere because the contract is strictly between the pet owner and the insurance company.

The benefits of pet health insurance include:

  • Helping you to offset some of the immediate cost of veterinary care. The health insurance plan pays you back for a portion of the cost of the veterinary visit.
  • Encouraging better health care for your pets by allowing for more thorough treatment. Pet owners with insurance are more likely to have their pets treated when they are sick and are more proactive regarding preventative medicine.
  • Providing broad coverage for a range of medical and surgical health conditions. Insurance companies are expanding their coverage to include specialty services like dentistry, physical therapy and alternative medicine.

We encourage you to explore your options before you purchase pet insurance for your dog or cat. The best decision is to choose a policy early in your pet’s life, while they are healthy. You can find a list of the companies along with features and pricing at petinsurancereview.com and Consumers Advocate.org.