State law , public act #-91-46, requires all cats and dogs that are three months of age or older , indoors as well as outdoors to be vaccinated against rabies. The current update on positive rabies in CT is as follows:

1244 raccoons , 17 cats and 4 dogs for a grand total of 1399. In Norwalk alone 28 positive cases of rabies have been confirmed. To comply with the law please call our office for an appointment today and protect your pet and your family from this deadly disease.

It won’t happen to my pet. I don’t have time to take my pet for a rabies shot. I can’t afford it right now. These are all common excuses given by some pet owners for not doing the right thing. Just because the newspapers and radio stations have stopped talking about the spread of rabies doesn’t mean that the threat is gone. Getting a rabies vaccination for your pet is cheap insurance for the unexpected attack by a wild animal. If your pet should happen to bite a human and not be current on it’s rabies vaccination it must be destroyed.

Do the right thing and call our office for an appointment for your pet is depending on you.

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