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Veterinary Surgery in Norwalk, Westport and Darien CT

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Norwalk Animal Hospital offers the experience to use advanced surgical techniques and technology for dogs and cats.  Our surgical services and facilities include:

We perform all types of general and orthopedic surgery, including:

Once the procedure is completed, a member of our nursing staff will call you with a status report. When you pick up your pet, the doctor or nurse will review the procedure with you and send you home with easy to understand aftercare instructions. We will call you within a few days to check on your pet and answer any additional questions.

Patient Monitoring

Safety. We provide the same level of close patient monitoring that you would receive if you were having surgery yourself. We monitor all of your pet’s vital signs with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as manual techniques. Pets are monitored during surgery using pulse oximetry, respiratory monitoring, EKG, temperature monitoring and are given oxygen.

Pain Management

Your pet's comfort is our top priority. At Norwalk Animal Hospital, we believe in maximizing the comfort of your pet before, during and after his/her procedure.  Proper pain management also improves your pet’s recovery and speeds the healing process.  We administer pain medication before beginning the procedure, during the procedure and post-operatively as needed.

We use a multi-modal approach to pain management.  A multi-modal approach refers to the layered administration of small amounts of different drugs to minimize any pain that your pet might feel during or after the procedure.  When we administer lower doses of each individual drug, your pet will experience fewer adverse side effects, more complete pain relief and faster post-operative recovery.

By using a multi-modal approach, we use quantitatively far less of any one drug, which is the safest pain management technique possible.  By using this technique we are able to safely minimize the pain your pet might feel at all of the pain gateways:  locally (tissue level), at the spinal cord and in the brain. 

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