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Pet Microchip services in Norwalk, Westport and Darien CT

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Every year millions of pets are lost and can only be reunited with their family if they are found.   Microchips are tiny devices that provide a permanent, unalterable identifier for your pet.  We strongly recommend microchipping for all animals. These safe and inexpensive chips dramatically increase the chances of being reunited with a lost pet.

At Norwalk Animal Hospital we can microchip your dog or cat during any routine office visit.  It is a simple procedure similar to a vaccination, and no anesthetic is required. If your pet was rescued from a shelter or adopted from another owner, we can also perform a quick check to see if a chip has already been implanted.

Any pet found by a shelter will be scanned for a microchip. The identifier found in this device will allow you to be contacted quickly so that your dog or cat can be safely returned home. In addition to this recovery service, HomeAgain® will also proactively search for pets as soon as they are reported missing, and are available for support 24/7.

The HomeAgain® brand microchip used by our hospital is one of the few in the United States to be compliant with guidelines suggested by the International Standards Organization (ISO), and provides significant benefits if you travel abroad with your pet. As of July 2011, all EU countries require that animals have microchips and supporting documentation for entry. While some countries approve all major brands for this requirement, there are many that will only accept 15-digit ISO chips.

HomeAgain® chips are also widely supported by shelters and veterinary clinics throughout the US and Canada. Please visit the AVMA's website or the HomeAgain® website for more information, and answers to frequently asked questions about microchipping.

The Pet Microchip Lookup web site is another helpful resource for locating owners of lost pets based on the microchip number that operates independently of microchipping companies.

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